(Regd. Under The Mysore Societies Regn Act. 1960, S.No. 138/71-72)

The Welfare Scheme

The Association looks after all its enrolled members all over India on all matters related. JAI has come a long way since. The Association is run by contributions from its members and not through donations. The jockeys have willingly contributed to the Association by foregoing a percentage of their mount fee and winning commission.

1. Mediclaim Policy for Immediate Family members.

a. The Mediclaim policy for immediate family member was started in 1994-95 and the sum insured was Rs 75000/-p.a, increased to Rs 100000/- p.a in 2001-02 and to Rs 200000/- p.a in 2008-09. In the year 2015-16 the Managing Committee increased the sum insured to Rs 300000/- p.a and this continued till date.

b. The maternity medical benefits were included in the Mediclaim policy from October 2005 and are eligible for first two children only and continued till date. The coverage is for a maximum sum of Rs. 40000/- for normal delivery and Rs. 50000/- for cesarean section.

c. In the event of Permanent Disability the Jockeys are entitled to benefit a maximum of Rs. 15 Lakh, provided the jockey is declared disabled above 75% by the concerned doctor and re-examined by the panel of the doctors approved by the Insurance Company. The Permanent Disability benefits was started as early as in 1974-75 for Rs 32000/-and has steadily increased to the sum of Rs.1500000/- over the years. Members are covered under the Personal Accident Cover policy for Rs. 20 lakh in the event of fatal accident.

The below chart indicates the increases over the years

1992-1993 Rs 125000/-
1993-1994 Rs 175000/-
1994-1995 Rs 225000/-
1995-1996 Rs 300000/-
1996-1999 Rs 400000/-
2000-2001 Rs 500000/-
2001-2006 Rs 600000/-
2007-2015 Rs 1200000/-
2016- 2021 Rs 1500000/-
2021- Till Date Rs 2000000/-

d. Parents Mediclaim

The Mediclaim policy for parents was started in the year 2005-06 with the sum insured of around Rs 100000/-p.a. This was later increased to Rs.200000/- p.a. from the year 2014-15 and continued till date.

e. The Association provides loans only for medical and education purposes depending on the situations.

f. The Association also gives Rs. 300/- per day towards out of saddle allowance from the date of accident to date of fitness for jockeys who are injured while in the line of duty. Subject to a maximum of 104 weeks.

g. Retirement benefits for the Jockeys

1991-1992 15,000.00
1992-1993 15,000.00
1993-1994 15,000.00
1994-1995 15,000.00
1995-1996 15,000.00
1996-1997 15,000.00
1997-1998 15,000.00
1998-1999 15,000.00
1999-2000 15,000.00
2000-2001 15,000.00
2001-2002 15,000.00
2002-2003 15,000.00
2003-2004 15,000.00
2004-2005 15,000.00
2005-2006 15,000.00
2006-2007 15,000.00
2007-2008 15,000.00
2008-2009 20,000.00
2009-2010 20,000.00
2010-2011 30,000.00
2011-2012 30,000.00
2012-2013 30,000.00
2013-2014 30,000.00
2014-2015 30,000.00
2015-2016 30,000.00
2016-2017 40,000.00
2017-2018 40,000.00
2018-2019 40,000.00
2019-2020 40,000.00
2020-2021 40,000.00
2021-2022 40,000.00

h. The Association gives a memento for all its retired jockeys as a token of gratitude for the services rendered over the years.

i. The Association also gives an extra amount of Rs.50000/- as Ex–Gratia to all its members on retirement.

j. The Managing Committee in their Annual General Body Meeting of 2018-19 decided to include all the Apprentice jockeys to the Association, who have completed their agreements with the Trainers and Club. The medical and other benefits would be the same as other members.

k. Members who retire due to permanent disability and whose service is falling short of 5 years but have completed at least one year as a member, are eligible to a gratuity payment to a maximum of Rs. 1,00,000/- from the Professional Jockeys Trust of India, Solely at the discretion of the management committee. The same will be applicable to the jockeys next of kin in the event of death of a jockey

l. The Association imports quality Racing Equipment’s like Body Protectors, Helmets, Goggles and whips for the safety and benefits of its members. The Race Clubs also help us by paying 1/3 share of the total cost of Body Protectors and 60% of the total cost of the helmets for jockeys licensed under their respective clubs. The jockeys also pay 1/3 share of the total cost of the Body Protectors and 10% of the total cost of the helmets.

m. Creating Opportunities on International Platform.

The Jockeys Association of India is one of the founder members of the International Federation of Jockeys Association along with UK, Ireland, USA, France and Australia. The Committee Members regularly represent our Association at World Conferences and are working hard to create opportunities for its members across the globe. In a recent endeavour our association has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Trainers Association of South Korea for its members to get an opportunity to ride in Seoul, South Korea. It is constantly working hard to open up opportunities in other Countries where racing is well established.

n. In cases of jockeys being wrongly punished by the any Turf Clubs the Association represents such jockeys during an enquiry /Appeal.